I’m an expert and respected italian producer, composer, singer, visual artist, alternative model and world citizen.

During the years I produced several works with different acts, including very successful composition for cinema, tv, radio, advertising and many other projects.

My list of collaborators include the Grammy nominated producer Tim Palmer (U2, Tears for Fears, The Cure, Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam) and many others. Well-know international artists expressed his positive opinions about my works, including Ké (singer and author of the global hit “Strange World”), Duran Duran’s producer Ian Little, Alexander Bard (Army of Lovers, Vacuum), just to name a few.

Cosmopolitano is an unique new act where I put together all my personal and artistic experiences, with the ambition to create a new, disruptive and modern form of open-minded way of thinking and global lifestyle. Cosmopolitano is an ultimate journey into my past, present and future. An honest and strong declaration of love to planet earth, human culture, nature and life. An open-wide journey into our contemporary world that will blend music, visuals, video, web modeling and storytelling into an intense, personal vision of our times.

I fight against misogyny, racism, bullying, and body shaming; defend women, minorities, LGBTQIA community and all the people who are searching their freedom.

The journey has just begun and the best trip… is yet to come!

With all my global heart,